Prevent strafe jumping/bunny hopping

So I’ve noticed that it’s possible to time jumps in ue4 where it seems to register has landed before you actually land or you register friction slowing you down.

So if you are say using a dash or something where you are moving faster then base walk speed you can jump and keep your speed.
Anyone have a creative way that will work in multiplayer to prevent this?

this is further complicated that you have multiple jumps so it’s not as easy as making jump only available if at or less then base speed.

Ideally it would mean jump if walking is only available at base or less but if not walking there is no prevention … Help
Me out thinkers

If is jump is available true and walking and speed <= base speed or is not walking and jumps < max jumps

On jump set jump available false

On landed .2 delay set jump available true?

Theoretically if replicating is right then your only constraints are you can jump in air as long as jumps are available but once landed you have to be your base soeed and have waited the short delay. Hmm