Prevent silent crippling of node chains

I’m pretty sure I am not the first nor the only one fighting for hours with such silly errors.
When you change a blueprint enough (for example changing it’s parent to be some subclass of the original parent), usually a few connectors will be dropped. silently. without telling you about it.
It’s really really annoying when you have a running game, do some minor change and somewhere far away the logic breaks because you are now casting null to X, since the input parameter was dropped.

(I would be really glad if somebody jumps out of the bushes and screams “you silly guy, just do X”)

I understand that dropping those connections is sometimes necessary from a technical point of view.


  • Tell the user when blueprint connections are dropped!
  • e.g. do not *ever *remove a line but mark it somehow, even make them break the compilation!
  • or at least, write it to some kind of log window

Yeah, some “sanity check” (even if you have to start it manually!) for all blueprints in a project would be great.
You’re not the only one fighting with these problems :slight_smile: