Prevent showing video files after packaging in content folder unreal game

I developed a game which has some films inside it. I added films into my project folder so that I can access them.

After packaging, on the folder all videos will be shown as its original format which everyone can play it.

How is it possible on release version no one can go to game folder and play it? Maybe some kind of encryption would help it.

For example when you have a game on your computer, the only way to see the films is that you play the game and you will see relevant films in the right time. However, after packaging, all films will be on a folder any everyone can go to the folder and play it and see films even without playing game.

In Unity after releasing the game, you can’t access assets, it will be shown in a file with .resource extension so no one can access it. However, in Unreal Engine, it will show the real file.