Prevent "Set Timer by Event" from breaking upon minimization?

Hello, I’ve created a hovercraft-type vehicle. The way it works is that a component adds force to it’s parent via EventTick. However, many many MANY people have said that using EventTick is generally not a good optimization practice, so I opted to use “Set Timer by Event” instead. This works fine, but upon minimizing the game window, it sort of “stacks” the Add Force nodes and results in the vehicle flying upwards when I open the open the game window again.

This behavior does not happen when I use EventTick to call the Add Force nodes.

In fact, similar things happen with tick as well. The UE physics is based on frame rate, and lots of stuff work not as intended once the frame rate drops drastically. In the editor, for instance, if the window is not active, it drops to 3 fps and physics breaks. You can forcibly pause a game when you minimize it, that could help.

But in your particular case I guess this what happens: when minimized, the game runs at 3 fps. However, your timer is intended to tick, let’s say, 30 times a second. It would mean that every frame contains 10 timer ticks, and they all happen at the same time. You can try adjusting it by multiplying it by World Delta Seconds maybe.

I believe there is built in functionality to pause game when it loses focus.