Prevent Raised Splines From Speeding Up Character

Hi, so I have a system where my character rides along a spline it works perfectly until I move the spline up the Z axis

when this is done the character moves faster depending on how high I raised it

I’d like the movement to be uniform all the way around

I’ll post the blueprint here since explaining it in words won’t really help

any help would be appreciated thanks!

My guess is that your character rotation is not pitching up or down so when you add movement to it, all the speed is applied on the x and y axes. Pulling a spline up or down in Z means that it will travel the same distance in x and y within the same time, regardless of the z slope which makes it look like it is going really fast because it is not thinking of any of that displacement as being distributed on the a but it is following the spline.

Not sure hoe to fix it because I dont know if the problem is in how add movement input works when movement mode is Walking or if it is because of hoe tge forward vector is calculated on a character pawn because character pawns are always facing laterally (though their camera can pitch up and down so you may have to get something other than forwars vector

I also found that this problem would happen without any movement input added, this also occured with launch character etc. On its own it pushes the character forward on the inclined spline.

It would also refuse to move in the opposite direction/downwards regardless of direction.

Thank you though you’ve helped me numerous times before.

Upon further investigation I found that the node I used “Find Location Closest To World Location” to drive the players transformation was the one causing this speedup, Is there anyway to allow the player to hop on the rail at any point without using this node?

I have this setup in seperate project and it works fine but it’s ran by a timeline that brings it from one point to the end without any sort of control, I can hop off of it but once I touch the rail it will bring me back to the start.