Prevent ragoll from affecting character

Is there any way of preventing the physics of a ragdolled skeletal mesh from affecting a character? When a player dies in our game we spawn some skeletal meshes with simulate physics turned on. We want the remaining players to collide with the limbs to kick them around but when that happens occasionally the player will get launched off them or suddenly rotate. We tried increasing the mass of the player and decreasing it on the ragdolls, and while that did help it didn’t completely fix the problem. Is there any way of doing what we want?

Yes there is a way: you need to change the collision profiles so that the “ragdoll” profile would not block the “pawn” profile. Your character is launched because its capsule responds to ragdoll collisions. When this is prevented, the only collision left would be the one between the ragdoll of a dead body and that of your character’s animated mesh. Since the mesh is animated, it would kick ragdolls around and not respond to collisions as a physics object.

Looks like that worked, thanks. I had forgotten that the mesh also has a physics asset attached to it.