Prevent object animations from being interpolated for specific keyframes/have stepped animations?

Hello all!

I’ve been having to do a lot of object transformation animations through 3D studio max, and while these work fine in Max and Unreal Engine 4, I’ve run into the problem where my keyframes from Max are being interpolated in Unreal Engine 4 when I don’t want them to be. IE I have an object that basically transforms off screen/into another object as an easy way to hide it inbetween two keyframes right next to each other in Max.

The problem is even with resampling all keyframes/bake all turned on, in Unreal Engine 4 it still views it as a transformation versus it being a stepped break, so you’ll still see the object actually move quickly to the position it’s supposed to be hidden in with motion blur and all that jazz.

Is there a way to have it so upon exporting or in Unreal Engine 4, there’s no interpolation going on for a specific set of keyframes? I was thinking about disabling the object through Matinee, but that really wouldn’t work considering I have hundreds of objects that are doing this at once (so that would be a nightmare) Basically I need to break the interpolation between two keyframes in Unreal Engine 4 somehow/ have it behave like a stepped curve in 3D Studio Max.