Prevent DisableMovement/Movement Mode: None from resetting jump count.

As the title says, I need the Disable Movement to not reset the jump count. I am using Disable Movement during HitStop to freeze the Character, but for some reason this by default sets the jump count back to 0 which makes infinite jumping and attacking possible. Anyways around this?


Have to see your code … disable movement implementation and jump logic.

I’m referring to these standard Character Movement tools, my particular implementation isn’t relevant.

When Disable Movement is called while the character is falling, Jump Current Count is set to 0. Normally, I think this would only happen when Movement Mode is set to Walking/On Event Landed.

I see now that if I leave my mouse over Jump Current Count it reads “… is reset OnMovementModeChanged. When providing overrides for these methods, it’s recommend to either manually increment / reset this value, or call the Super:: method.” I’m not sure what this last part means. Also, Jump Current Count is read-only and cannot be set. Otherwise I would just store the value before Disabling movement and then reset it after enabling movement :\

I think it will probably be easier to set up my own variable and deal with incrementing and then resetting it on landed.