Prevent data from overriding other data


This is a part from the character bp
the sprint: on begin play set the speed to 405, when press the sprint button set speed to 605, when realeased set speed 405
the walk: when press the walk button set the speed to 205, when released set speed to 405
the crouch: when pressed set speed to 205, when released set it back to 405
the prone: when pressed set the speed to 80, when released set it back to 405

What i want to do is when i enter the crouch or prone state i don’t want the walk and sprint button to override the speed setted by the current state
because for example when i’m in prone the speed is 80 but when i press shift or ctrl (for walk/sprint) the speed changes and i get a prone animation with a wrong speed

I hope you understood what i wanted to say and i appreciate any help :smiley:

woops i ment to post this is the bp section

Your screen is really small and i cannot see what is happening. But im assuming sprint and walk are the same keys just with an extra key like shift or whatever. If thats the case you need to create a bool to do the check and branch before setting the values.

Well that worked
thanx alot