Prevent character from interacting while turned the other way

Hello everyone, I need some help.
I created a blueprint actor that the player can interact with, when a given key is pressed the input is disabled and a custom animation is played. The character is set up with the base idle/walk/run - jump state machine. Now, the issue is that the player can interact with the actor even if he’s facing away from it, and that looks quite unrealistic. I would like the character to turn from wherever it’s facing to a specific point, then play the animation. The character is a third person character that I created from scratch, the camera must remain still (I achieved that disabling inputs), only the model should turn and when the animation finishes it should remain turned towards the actor.

What would be the best way to achieve that? I hope I’ve been clear enough about my setup and what I want to do, if I missed somehing please ask.
Thanks in advance, have a lovely day!

It sounds like you want to toggle ‘Orient Rotation to Movement’ flag on your character’s movement component during different stages of behavior.

Hello @Waves,
if I understood the documentation well, the “Orient Rotation to Movement” is used to make the player face the direction in which he’s walking. What I do not understand is how to use this to achieve what I need, could you give me a more detailed explanation? In particular I can’t understand how am I supposed to rotate the character towards the object using blueprint graphs and make it look realistic.

Thanks for taking time to read and reply to my question, have a nice day!

In my projects something like this is solved usually with some combination of ‘Orient Rotation to Movement’ and ‘Use Controller Desired Rotation’ on the movement controller and directly setting the actor’s transform rotation (with interpolation).

What exactly you need to do depends on your project and how you’ve set things up. Can’t really provide a better explanation than that.

Hello again @Waves, thanks for your reply, I’ve been testing with setting the transform rotation as you suggested and I think I’m close to achieve what I need. When it’s done I’ll post here my finished result if anyone needs it.

Have a nice day!