Prevent character from clipping through moving actor

I have a problem with my character clipping through an actor that should push him out of the way, it’s a trap-door that opens when a character stands on it and then closes after a short delay, knocking any characters in it’s path out of the way, this gif shows how it should work


The problem is that the character sometimes clips through the trap door particularly when jumping while touching it.



Does anyone have any ideas on how to prevent this from happening

This is very similar to the issue I’m having right now.
Have you found any solution by now?

I’ve enabled Continuous Collision Detection and it seems to slightly reduce the problem, but it still occurs.

It seems as if collision isn’t updated frequently enough, even with CDD on for both actors, so they manage to clip through each other before the engine registers a hit.

Hi Jet, unfortunately no i haven’t found a good solution for this, best i have been able to achieve is having a trigger slightly larger than the moving platform, if the character overlaps this trigger while the platform is in motion I calculate a knockback vector and apply that to the character. Also CCD seems only to be for objects simulating physics.

Hello, I’m looking for a solution to this as well. Anyone have a fix for this yet?

This is a really old post, Please tell me someone has figured it out :frowning:

Hi, we never actually found a proper solution for this. I ended up using some extra colliders on the top and bottom of my trap door that switch on and off depending on the movement of the door. When the character overlaps one of these colliders I “launch” the character away based on the trap door mesh’s angular velocity. Kinda hacky but worked for what I needed