Pretend cookie for anyone with ideas on solving a small math problem.

I’m using some rotation affects to animate simple models.

EG: I want my model to roll 360 degrees over the course of a second, or perhaps 2, or even half a second.

I’m not sure how to calculate how fast to roll over the designated time.

I made a sample that rotates 360 degrees at a non-adjustable speed. It’s ugly but might help you understand what I’m trying to accomplish.



Animation Duration / Delta Seconds = Result. Rotation Value / Result = Rotation Per Delta Second.

Enjoy your cookie :wink:

May I inquire what type of cookie it would have been?

Chocolate Chip.

Hi Distul,

Just to let you know, there is a rotating movement component in the components tab of actor blueprints. You could apply that to your actor and then just change the values within to fit your rotation needs without having to math it out manually.