Pressing the "+Sequence" button in a secondary Subscenes track loads the selected sequence in the first Subscenes track. Is it an expected behaviour?

In a shot I can create several subscenes tracks, which is great. But when I load a sequence in, say, Subcenes 2, it ends up being loaded in Subscenes 1.

If I’m not supposed to create multiple Subscenes tracks in one shot, surely I shouldn’t be able to do so. ; )

Sequencer is absolutely brilliant, so powerful! Awesome work guys.
Can’t wait to be able to drive blueprint-exposed-variables with it!



Hi Stephane,

Thanks for reporting this. I’ve entered UE-32665 for this bug. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a workaround for you besides possibly adding subscenes inside of the subscene…which isn’t really practical.

Thanks . I’m just using the one subscene, and it’s working very well. I only needed more subscenes to group various parts of the animation into folders. But using just one is still a very powerful way to de-clutter / group keyframes and edit pace and timing. Loving it !