Pressing Tab loses "focus" on game

I have a scenario where a player can hold Tab to view a map. Press tab -> Set a flag in the UI which is used to control the visibility. Release tab -> Clear the flag.

However, there is some odd behavior going on. Firstly, if the player is moving (with WASD) when they press tab, the movement input is interrupted and the player must release their movement keys and press again to resume (to keep moving while holding Tab).

Secondly, and most importantly, once the player releases Tab, Tab does not work again until the player clicks the screen. WASD still works, all other inputs seem to work but TAB will not.

I knew at first I had a problem where buttons in the UI were getting focused and screwing things up so I went through every widget element and unchecked “Is Focusable” (just buttons, I think). Then I went in and stopped my UI from being added to my viewport at all so I’m certain it isn’t causing the issue.

Right now all I have is this: Tab Print > | PasteBin For Unreal Engine 4 . Press tab, print “Hello”. If you press and release tab, “Hello” prints once. Press Tab again and nothing happens and nothing will happen until the player clicks the screen to resume whatever focus was lost.

Any idea why this is happening?

Ok, figured it out. I’ll leave the post here in case others run across this. I had a 3d widget component attached to an actor in the level. The component has a “Window Focusable” property that was enabled. This will consume input when hitting tab I guess.