PRESS ME - A Virtual Reality Film (LOOKING FOR PEOPLE!)

Hey everyone!

I’ll try to keep this as short as I possibly can.
My name is Dylan, I’m an 18-year old Student currently studying Film Production. I’m also a VR Enthousiast!

With VR being a brand new medium when it comes to storytelling, I thought it would be really cool to be among one of the first few to create a short film in VR.
I have a really cool idea, and I’m looking for anyone out here who has experience with modeling and animation.

If you want to know what the film is about, think about the atmosphere in the game INSIDE by Playdead. That’s kind of what I’m going for.
This is a free time project, so there’s no money involved whatsoever. I’m looking for people who want to be in it for the experience, not the $$.

I’m totally down to share more insight on the project, if you are interested that is! :slight_smile:
If you want to take part in this experience, feel free to hit me up with a PM or sent me an email at



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