Press 'E' to progress matinee.

Hey people! I have an intro cinematic, where the character is in bed. He has a hangover, so he has to really try in order to get up. The player has to press ‘E’ and a meter fills up - each ‘E’ stroke adds 0.05 to that meter. Every 0.2s the meter depletes with 0.01. When the meter hits 1, the player has fully stood up and is ready to play - controls enable, etc. Now, all is well, but how do I do that for matinee? I don’t want the player to instantly be up at the end of the meter - instead, I want each frame of the matinee to be connected to that meter, so when the meter hits 0.5 for example, the matinee is half-way through. No other way to explain it really… Any ideas how to make that happen? Thanks.

Bump, please

Made it work.