Press E to open door

I am trying to get a door to open/close when the player is near the door AND when they press E at the same time. I have managed to get the door to open and close when the player presses E and when the player enters and leaves the hit box each separately but can’t get the 2 together. I feel I am missing something somewhere, that this should be simple but I can’t get it right. Here is a screenshot of what I have setup so far. buttonTrue is when the player begins to overlap the hitbox and buttonFalse is when they leave. What I was trying to achieve is when both events fire only then should the condition be true kind of thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


You need to create a boolean variable. Set it to true when the user enters the hitbox, and false when they leave. Then when E is pressed, you test to see whether the variable is true before triggering the Matinee.

Incidentally, you may find it helpful to drive the door from a Timeline node rather than Matinee. Matinee will work but it seems like overkill just for opening a door.

Thank you so much! This had me bogged down! I’ll post the blueprint so if anyone else is struggling hopefully this will help.

Thank you
I was struggling with the same issue, thank you for putting up the code after.