Press Any Key to Start - Call a HUD

Hello guys!
I want to create a start screen. This is my WIDGET, when you click on PLAY, it calls a image who says “PRESS ANY KEY” then when the player press any key it would call a HUD, where the person can play or quit.
I did this way so far but i think i’m doing it wrong. Can you guys help me please? ^^

There are 2 ways. I will first show you the correct one (and easiest so far), using the PlayerController to handle the input:

And if you want to keep doing it in the widget blueprint:

Just remember: The correct place to handle input is the Controller.

Hi there! Thanks Unzkilled! I will try when i’m home! :slight_smile:

Thanks japankairu! I will try it too! ^^

Sure! Just let us know if this worked and don’t forget to accept the answer as correct

IT WORKED!! Thanks!!!

This didnt work for me…