press a button, print a string?

this seems like such a simple thing to do but I can’t seem to be able to simply press a keyboard button, and have it print a string “Hello World.”

theres many different info out there, but, nothing works. Auto Receive Input to Player 0, consume input etccc.

I am trying to control a character, trigger animations by pressing buttons on the keyboard. press button 1, do this animation. press button 2, do animation 2, and so on.

I need to print a string for debugging purposes, but cant even get past the keyboard input step! Trying my luck here… what am I overlooking?

I created a Character BP, and this is what my EventGraph looks like.

Usually, disable consume input.

But it could be 1000 other things.

Direct input is a bad idea. Just pop to settings and define a dedicated input key. That will 100% get around issues.

If you still dont get on screen messages, then the actor you are controlling is not the one receiving input.
To fix that, change game mode. Shove the actor in it direct…