Presimulated Destruction Export

So. Today i tried RayFire. It works awesome! Really awesome. But when i export them they imported as separated objects. Like 145 animated objects are getting imported. I tried to create bone and export. Still having same result. I think its geometry set problem.

Hey Gandosh,

I know I previously helped you on the forums with this issue, but I wanted to link that here along with the explanation in the event anyone else had trouble setting this up.

Forums Post: Presimulated Destruction mesh export and import - World Creation - Epic Developer Community Forums

I made a tutorial in one of my forum threads that goes over importing rigid mesh animations which you can check out here:

I used 3Ds Max, and this technique should work with other modeling applications as well, to export my baked animation. There is no bones or skinning needed. Just a animation baked to the timeline that can be exported. The one key thing it seems like you’re missing is that all the fractured pieces need to be selected and then grouped. Then when you export you can bring it in to UE4 as a single animated rigid mesh.

I hope this helps!