Preserve sockets when merging static meshes into a new one

When assembling a compound mesh, for instance a house from parts and then creating one mesh with the Merge Actors function and in case the same mesh already exists and is overwritten, all sockets are lost and they have to be recreated.
Small changes in the house and the following recreation can become hard work when all sockets have to be recreated.
There should be a way for instance to save all sockets into a file and then reload them again. This would also help when making similar meshes with small variations

+1 … Nice / useful suggestion…

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Hmmm. Cant you export the sockets with your mesh from your 3D modelling app?
Make any changes/merges there and just reimport the whole thing.


Nod to the fact, that BP modular building, and tools like this, means more design is being done inside UE4.
When Epic’s Geometry Tools are ready for prime time, presumably even more design will be done this way.
So editing models in a 3D modeling app isn’t really the answer here. Merge Actors should offer this feature…

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Well, I was just suggesting an alternate workaround for the time being.
Sure, BP modular building is interesting and already possible. Did a modular House/Fassade BP…

Although a bit OT: Im also curious about Epic’s Geometry tools. But since I use Modo which features an Unreal Engine live bridge, I have already the feeling of an integrated modelling suite in the engine. Actually I went the other way around: I create my levels in Modo and sync it via the bridge. All instances/replicators in modo become mesh instances in UE. All modo materials get converted into UE materials. etc. Its even possible to bake the lighting in Modo and use it in UE (and achieve better results than Lightmass).
So I dont see the end of modelling aps coming soon :wink:


For sure, its not like its apocalyptic end of days coming for modeling Apps… :stuck_out_tongue:
But there are clear advantages to being able to do ‘final touches’ in Unreal…:wink:

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I’m also experiencing this issue and I hope something can be done to preserve sockets on merged actors.

Is this suppose to work i would need this for sure :slight_smile:

Yes this would be super useful. :+1: