Presenting your VR projects to clients?

What is the consensus among board members on sharing your VR projects with remote clients? I read web streaming is out, I’m curious about what everyone has decided is the best solution?

It depends on the level of security you need/want for your clients. You could go with an MMO style, where you email the client a launcher file (usually small enough), when they enter in their credentials, it authenticates on your customer database and then installs the necessary files. After that, it launches.

Do they need UE4 or is it self contained? I’m new to sharing projects as I’m still learning to use the software. And what is a MMO? :open_mouth:

massive multiplayer online game… It would be a self contained game. Search the forums for MMO Template.

Okay and thanks!

One thing to mention since I couldn’t since I was on my phone which died, is that while you’ll be looking at the entire template, only use it for the user authentication and patch/download part of it. You won’t be designing a full “MMO”.

Basically, the flowchart would be:


  • Set up user (client) account. Username, password, simulation title, description, (other fields), download link

User(Client) Facing:

They run the launcher, and put in their username and password. The launcher then downloads and installs the “game”. At that point, everything is on their local machine.

I would suggest tying in a machine spec check to make sure that the client is running the necessary hardware. If they’re not, then a dialogue box comes up and warns the user/client that they are not using a powerful enough machine.

Or another way (easier for 1 shot deals), is to create the simulation/game/whatever you want to call it, package it and upload to google drive, get the download link, and then send them the link to download :stuck_out_tongue: Of course though, that isn’t exactly “professional”.

Great info thank you!

I think Ri3dviz was talking about a good way to present VR hardware-wise…not software-wise…Am I right?

Software-wise…you just send a .exe of the project… what’s the problem here?

I had a client request a VR experience for his client who isn’t local, he wanted it to be a web based solution but reading through the forums I saw that isn’t something that works right now so I was wondering what other solutions there are.

I’m thinking to factor in the cost of a tablet into fees and just send them a tablet with the project on it similar to the bathroom project that was posted here on the forums that was running on a tablet.

Does this mean we can stream or projects on the web for VR? I’m not very technical. :open_mouth:


The best bet is to send the client the packaged executable. It shouldn’t be that big to need to get fancy.

Okay, thanks again. I was hopeful there was a solution to streaming on the web.

Does your client have a Gear VR or rift? Or you were talking more of a realtime app? If your client has a rift, good chance he has a decent gpu to run your .exe!!!

The closest thing you could do, that would run on mobile, is a 360 pano that works well with the phone’s gyroscope. As you can see here

It could even be in stereo mode for gear vr on mobile if you do it with vray (not sure if blender can generate stereoscopic render)

I think it’s a bit complicated (certification process) but if we could build for xbox one /ps4 it could be a nice solution. That hardware is very common, it’s cheap… not sure if there will be many vr helmet for consoles yet, tho!

I mean the Rift will come with a xbox one gamepad when you buy it. I guess it will at least work on xbox / win10 since Microsoft kinda already want to merge all windows platforms in the future!

I’ve only started testing the service but I’ve had some success sharing a project using Below is a screenshot running off their servers in chrome.

Yes it can work for real-time exploration/movie but not for VR… unless you are some sort of wizard!!!

Just design your scene with the fact that they use a single grid k520 gpu in mind! The equivalent of a gtx 680. Still kinda ‘‘high-end’’ I guess.

ahh…yes. I totally blew past the vr portion of this post. If that is the case, then no, this probably wouldn’t work.

With either a Rift or GearVR, in this case, I would still recommend sending the packaged file directly to the client. For the Rift, it would be a .EXE file; for a GearVR, it would be a .APK file.

Stuff like this would be perfect with having a “Studio Product Launcher”… or even a Client Portal to your website, so that the client could download whatever file they need. But without knowing your business, your clients, your company… all of these are just ideas. It is up to your company to decide what would be a best fit. The fundamental strategy, is it worth it to spend developer money into developing a system like this, or would it be a waste of resources.

This is what happens. A client sees a YouTube video of someone’s video of a walk through and they think hey I want that just let me stream that over the web would you. :smiley: Clients…pfftt.

I’ve only started testing the service but I’ve had some success sharing a project using Below is a screenshot running off their servers in chrome.

Thanks. So, can they navigate real time with just a qwerty keyboard through the scene?