Presenting ArkFrame: A DevKit Extension

Yesterday I pushed public the source of a project that I have been working on for the last 9 months.

I would like to introduce you to ArkFrame.

ArkFrame is, in short, an extension to the dev kit.
It is designed to allow for a number of features that are not present for us already, things like:

  • User remappable mod keybinds with profiles
  • A common collection of persistent mod configs to replace the use of the INI
  • An event tracing system that works on a global or per mod basis (Allowing for some very useful debugging in a live environment)
  • Common user interfaces for managing keybinds, mod configs, and debugging.
  • The ability to extend the existing classes without having to remap them!

The system works a bit like having headers and .dlls for a libarary. Mod authors can build against the ArkFrame source and users install the ArkFrame workshop mod which acts as a common support for all ArkFrame mods built against it.

I am still working on documentation for use but it can be found here:

The documentation includes links to the git repo and discord channel to keep up with source updates and ask questions about it.
And the current workshop item can be found here:…?id=1110051106

I’m exited to see what folks can do with these kinds of systems supporting their ideas. :slight_smile: