Hello everyone, first of all I will introduce myself.
I’m an computer engineering student and nowadays I want start my final year dissertation.
Of course if I’m here is because I want to make a game with the UE4. I’ve got knowledge of C++, Java and C#.
I’ve started in the game development process on the design part with Maya and Substance Suite, and then I’ve moved to the programming part when I’ve started studying computer engineering.

The main reason of this post is for ask some learning path for make a little online action game.
The features that I want to make are the next ones:

  • Dedicated server: basic actions (accept new clients, block someone by their IP, connect with the DB and send messages and syncronization handlers). If it can be possible an non UE4 application.
  • Client Aplication: the game connected to the dedicated server. The UE4 application.
  • Data base: simple storage for persistent data.

I’ve started with a dedicated server in C# that recieve the TCP petitions of a test application and store the count of the clients connected and can send messages.
My petition is that if someone have some tutorial list for starting with C++ projects or about that petitions I will be really grateful if you can share them in this post or just help me to achieve the objective with some idea.

Thanks to all the community.

PD: I’m Sorry if I’ve made some big grammatical mistake.