Present print-string text in UMG


I’ve created a Blueprint that’s printing a string with certain texts when I interact with different Actors.

My question:
I want to present this printed text in an UMG, but I don’t know how. Any help would be appreciated.

Instead of using a print string node, turn the output into a variable.

In your UMG widget, create a text block and bind the text of it to your variable.

Summary, create a variable based on the output of text for the thing you’re interacting with.
Create a text node in UMG, and bind the “Content -> Text” in the details panel for your text. Get your variable by calling it, and assign it to the text output.

If done correctly, when you interact with a particular item, it will display text on that text node in your UMG. Make sure that the UMG exists already and is only hidden from viewwport rather than not even created. I suspect that this set-up wouldn’t work otherwise but I could be wrong.