I opened the launcher and it said it’s updating. Then a small window appeared that said ‘Prerequisites Please Wait’

It’s been there for 10 mins. Anyone know how long it takes before it’s task i finished and does anyone know what prerequisites are?


30 minutes and still updating Prerequisites. Is this normal?

Dunno but I’m having the same issue :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Nevermind mine “fixed” after around 5 mins.

I’m an hour in now and no change.

Mines finished. And since that… my performance climbed mountains… o.o the launcher is so ultra smooth now! Its an amazing stable update!

Have you tried restarting it?

mine has updated in less than five minutes. my launcher never has issues, but after the update it works more faster! a lot more !

Darth I’m thinking of restarting it. It might be just the update window that’s frozen.

After 2 hours I shut it down. Opened the launcher and it said the necessary prerequisites have failed to install. Error code R-2147944022

It’s done it! I clicked on the shield in the bottom of the screen bar/app dock while the message was on. It ask to make changes to my computer and then it updated :slight_smile:

Yes it is a good deal more zippy! and more responsive to my logitech trackpad.

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