Preparing shaders every time when in standalone mode

I know there are already similar questions that have been asked, but I believe my case is slightly different.
The problem is that after updating to 5.1 each time I launch a level in standalone mode, it prepares the same (18) shaders, which take a few seconds, but is extremely annoying. I’ve made sure to fully rebuild everything, tried every possible option, but it is still happening.
I don’t mind recompiling shaders when updating engine versions and mostly ok even with doing it after some major changes, but every session? Seems ridiculous to me.

Does anyone know a solution to this?
Thank you in advance


Now it is getting even more ridiculous - I’ve tested with an empty level and somehow still every session it needs to compile 18 shaders. No objects, no UI - nothing, just a black screen

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I’m getting it too.

Have you found a solution to this already? I have to take a few dozen visually accurate screenshots for my bachelor thesis with different pawn classes, each of them having different parameters I need to test, and having to wait for 31 shaders to compile each time before I can take a single screenshot slows me down quite a bit