Preparing for UE5

I am preparing for UE5, which I have most of my Desktop ready, I decided to go with the MSIs Creator TRX40 motherboard, also a AMD Threadripper TRX40 3960X AMDs CPUs, I already have the 8 X DDR4 128gig 3200 speed to match the 3960X CPU Manufacters memory speed which is 3200MHz, now for the RTX 2080Ti at the moment, RTX 3080Ti not far off, I am hoping, UE5 is SLI compatable so I can use one 8K monitor for work on UE5 the 2nd 8K monitor, used for tutorials, the SSDs I go Samsungs 4 TB EVO PRO C, D and E drive.

Also on the marketplace, I download all the Megascan free assets, brilliant, well yes I use to be obsessed with the RTX8000 GPUs then I grew up, then I thought if I did then Unreal engine might end up doing strange things there more for something different, I hate to be self tricked o use a Quadro RTX 8000, and create a game then publish it and a customer purchase it on PS5, and run slow.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Well according to china, a laptop with a 2070 super is enough to run UE5 and that demo at higher frame rates than ps5. But, yeah…

Interesting to known UE5 will support SLI. I can’t find any info about it. Can you please give me source link because my station need to be changed in september and i want to be sure? Thank you

PS: If someone find strange to have 2 RTX : i’m working on Archiz video :wink: