preferred method to do an animation inside a function because timeline isnot available.

in my attempt to impose structure on my blueprints im trying to get all code inside functions but i discovered that i cannot use the timeline or delay nodes outside of the event graph.

what is the preferred way of firing animations and delays from within functions?

i found a half solution of calling a function from the timeline and passsing in the alpha, but that soon became an even bigger mess when i needed to add logic before the timeline and after it.

also does anyone know how, when i use a timer to call a function, to pass the required variables to the function when the timer fires?

Timelines are just a convenience. You can get the same behavior with a function running on Tick or a Timer.

A delay in a function is a Timer.

You can’t send parameters through Timers (Delegates) in Blueprint but you can in C++. Impure function return values in the Event Graph never go out of scope though and can be used by timed functions or events.