preFabbing structures on a map


I want to make a building, lets just say a 2 x 2 wooden hut with a door and ceilings. simple right?
in game you would make the items and then snap them together.
in the editor you just spawn the items onto the map, but they don’t exactly snap together in the editor, I also haven’t tried to build the mod to see if they just collapse and blow up or what happens to them.

Is there anyway to snap pieces together in the editor like you would in game so you can pre-build a structure?

My idea is simple, I want to create a total conversion mod in which players are divided into two teams, the object of the mod will be to attack and neutralize the opposing teams castle. I have all the development side of it planned out, I am just trying to learn the adk slowly in order to make it a reality. I have no experience with UE, but have done multiple total conversion mods for other games.

anyone have a suggestion?


I just realized that you might be asking a different question from the one responded to…
You need to ‘Play’ the game in the editor and then give yourself experience, materials, etc and just build the items. I will write up a quick tut on getting that set up.
Things will snap together in the editor, but you need to make sure of a few things. Are these completely new pieces? If so, I assume that you copy and pasted files from somewhere else in the dev kit and modified them to suit your needs? If you did, then you need to make sure that the
Structure Snap Type Flags
value is properly set and that you have correctly formatted Snap Points. There doesn’t seem to be any documentation regarding what all the values mean, and I have failed in attempting to use newly created values, so you need to cross reference the in game items and use those values.
For instance, the Stone Foundation is Structure Snap Type Flag=2
so anywhere you want to attach to the foundation, the snap point you create needs to point to the correct structure type.

well basically I want to create a house in the editor with the game materials and have the players able to interact with it as if it was built by a player in the game.
I don’t want to have to create a single model of a house to be used.

I am looking at making a battlegrounds mod where the teams would spawn in a gamecreated castle and have to defend / siege as a means of winning.

so for my test I am trying to make a 2 x 2 hut with foundation, walls, door, roof in the editor and have it spawn on the map as part of the map.