Prefab File with ( clipboard structure or .t3d file ) paste in world system

Good morning, I have developed a tool under windows that allows the creation of prefab using unreal’s clipboard, it works perfectly but I would like to know if you will implement this feature in the editor directly? I discovered that the.t3d files (which are obsolete) are of the same structure as the copy of the clipboard, so if it were possible to have this type of file in the content browser, it would be possible to make a very simple prefab System.

The use of blueprint conversion works only for static mesh, but for complex blueprints (or smarth plugin like my SIO module) it is impossible to use conversion, it is also impossible to convert them to component.

Idea for a new feature for Unreal engine, add the simple support of copying a group of objects (exactly like the clipboard) into a file available in the content browser under the name of prefab, with possibly the addition of an Editor tool sui would simply be a 3D visualization (like the viewport of the blueprint editor tools) with the detail tab like in the world editor . I think it would be easy to implement, it’s like having a copy and then paste command that uses the internal retarget function.

UE4 Windows Script Tools ( Prefab ) : CyberAlien DevBlog - UE4ScriptTool](CyberAlien DevBlog - UE4ScriptTool)
SIO blueprint :