Prefab creation

I am trying to group models together as a prefab. Whats the best way to do this. I was just selecting them as grouping them. Whats the best way? I was looking at
Prefab Blueprints, is there any videos on this?

you can select multiple things and right click on the outliner and choose create blueprint based on selected.
Although the result may or may not be what you desired.

using actor blueprints should only be used if your doing a few objects dont use it for alot of objects foudn this out the hard way an can cause performance issues big time

yeah, if you want a lot of repeated/duplicated ones, use the mesh instance.

Creating blueprints for prefabs is a good way to do it. One thing to be aware of though is by default all the static meshes will be set to movable which can cause performance issues. It would be advised to see them to static if your using this method. One advantage as well as PenguinTD mentioned is that you can also use static mesh instances inside of blueprints, so if a mesh is used a few times you could swap it out for the instanced mesh which can help with performance. :slight_smile:

Does not work in 4.7.x anymore, does it? I can’t find any “Create Blueprint from…” menu item.