Predicted release date for Nvidia Shield Tablet support


Is there an expected release date (even ballpark) for the release of full Nvidia Shield Tablet (Tegra K1) support in UE4?

I’ve looked at the “Trello” board and it’s listed as being August - is this correct?

I’ve built the latest “matinee” demo using UE4.3 and have it running on the Shield Tablet, but all the materials are “flat” and it’s using some default textures on the characters, etc.
Basically a lot of rendering issues - but it does “run”. Probably it’s just using a generic Android build I guess.

I’m running the latest updates on the Shield & using Tapd-3.0r2 (windows)

If someone can confirm “that’s just the current state of things” then great - I’d like to rule out “user error” on my part at this point.

Thanks in advance


FYI, from looking at the Trello it looks like to get this you’ll have to use a Github build probably on a specific branch to get this enhancement for now. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to do this shortly and will update if I can get it to work.