Predict Projectile path from array?

Hey everyone I have a external comma separated Trajectory, was wondering how I can use Predict projectile path with with so I can convert to unreal physics right away.

Would be good to see the file before anything.

Its just a comma separated value with ball positions. you have x,y,z;x,y,z;x,y,z;x,y,z;

anyone? Thanks in advance

Still trying to figure this out. Essentially I have existing ball flight from a external source. I want to convert it so I can use unreal Physics but I want to convert it right before it hits the ground. Any info would be really appreciated. Thanks.

You could try:

  • Loop a sphere trace between every 2 vectors. When a collision is detected, save the index for when your actual actors loops though the vectors. When it gets to that index turn physics on.
  • Have the trace move one or more steps in front of the ball. When it detects a collision, turn on physics and break the loop.
  • When spawning the path, have a component on every vector that returns if it is colliding or not. When the ball reaches the last non colliding vector, turn on physics.

Thanks will give this a shot