Predict projectile path duration

I try to adapt the length of a jump animation to the duration of that jump (the longer the jump is, the longer the animation will be). My idea was to use the Predict Projectile Path node to get the trajectory based on velocity, gravity and starting position, which works pretty well. But I can’t get the duration of that trajectory. The time output from Break Hit Result gives me a fraction, not really what I need.
Do you have any idea how I could achieve that ?

Thanks !

I think Sir Newton had something to do with it: 1/2at^2
There was also some great speech on some game dev conference, i am trying to find now.

Sorry cannot find it YT is flooded with meaningless crap,

Is Sir Newton available to help me ? :smiley:
Of course I could (can I though ?) redo the projectile prediction from scratch but the simplest would have been to use the existing node.