Predator Mod! (vs aliens/dinosaurs)

Here’s my idea:
Swap the human out for a Predator playable character, you can have a cannon, pike, net etc equipped. The cannon can just be a pump action shotgun with the regular cannon look. The net could be like spider webs if the modding allows the capability. Try make the weapon set as close to the Predator as in its films basically. I know its possible to change the human model to a Predator model, what i do not know is if its possible to change a dinosaur and make it look like an xenomorph (alien). I know you can change textures, but i’m hoping to change the raptor model itself with the same base rig and keep it tameable etc and maybe make the t rex a queen and eliminate all other animals being spawnable on the map. Would be an interesting take and i’m still looking for any forums that will atleast show how to make a predator model. I do have modelling experience in softwares: 3DS MAX and MUDBOX. I also remember a tool that would allow you to take model assets off games. If anyone can help me out for this mod then that would just be awesome! If adding xenomorph models doesn’t work, a predator model would still prove awesome solely for hunting dinosaurs.

Good idea. So when are you going to start this.

Add “alien” models and it would be perfect!

I want to start this project soon. I have no intention at the moment of making this part of the modding competition as this would basically be my first mod and I doubt first mods win. I am doubting that adding alien models would work. Here’s why, one mod allows you to add the predator mask but its basically a skin for any helmet just like trike skin. There’s no such thing as raptor or t rex skin but I do think you can change the textures. Changing the raptor textures would be simple you could still give a believable xenomorph look. As for the t rex, making that thing look like a queen wouldn’t work on that head shape. Anyone willing to help can help. If anyone knows any links that discuss how to make your own skins or anything else that’s necessary for this mod please text the links.


Sounds like an awesome idea. I have a similar idea but its kind of the opposite of what you are going for. And I’m sure there are first time modder winners. Also I am a first time modder just like you are. I am going to enter the competition even though its my first mod. Feel free to add me on the Epic Launcher @ “s1peed23”. Godspeed to you and your mod!

It’s funny but I was planning on doing a predator type mod as well but reason I didn’t was I couldn’t find any free and good meshes to use for the creatures and for the predator weapons. For replacing the skin all you have to do, I believe, is export the skeleton you want to use. Then using lets say Maya, import skeleton and the 3D mesh you want to use, such as predator, and match it with the skeleton bones. Of course you will have to remove the old mesh that is probably attached to the skeleton. There is a link somewhere on the forum that show how to do this with the hatchet, basically it is the same process but he goes into more details. However, he doesn’t go into details about character animations, he mentions about a paint tool and flooding the model but when you use a character you will have to paint different areas of the model to get it to work good, you can always see what is being used by checking out the areas that were painted on old mesh be fore you delete it. Hope I am not confusing you but hopefully if you see the vid it will make more sense. Its in one of the tutorial discussion posts. I am actually doing this for a new armor for one of my mods.

Sent you a request s1peed23. And yeah salcarr, I understood a decent amount but if you know the link i’d gladly like to look into it and i’ll be looking into any useful tuts I find :slight_smile: Thanks for the replies everyone