Precomputed light

hello, I have a question … Now I’m trying to solve the problem with precomputed calculation of the light (for playing on a mobile phone), when the level is loaded, it can be seen that the textures change color after a second and become normal, I tried to do as here https: //docs.unrealengine .com / 4.26 / en-US / BuildingWorl … but everything remains the same … how can this problem be solved?

I did Delay for 6 seconds before loading the level, but the fact is that the player can move through the sub-levels in real time, and when the camera enters another location, the light is loaded in the same way after a while. Setting a black screen and Delay and at the moment the player moves to another sub-level is not an option, since you need to preserve the effect of the character (and camera) movement.
alt text

For me it was the solution to remove this daw in the project settings