Precompile shaders outside the game?

Hey Guys,

Is there a way to precompile all the shaders via a command line or so? I do not wish to start the game and open every map to compile shaders.

The main reason for this is that the dedicated server freaks out (literally, it even drops remote desktop connection) while compiling shaders. The other servers on the dedicated box start freaking out when the CPU is at 100%. I would like to prevent this in the future.

If anyone has a suggestion, this is more than welcome. I’ve been googling a lot and could not find a decent solution.

cooking the game should precompile all shaders. in fact if you package your game it even skips including the shader compiler exe because it knows it shouldn’t need it.
is your game cooked?

Nope, Renegade-X is uncooked. And we’re not going to make it cooked again. It’s due to the many custom content that the community can add this way. RenX even has it’s own SDK based upon the UDK.
So the question still remains.

uhm I see. Im not completely sure this will work but you can try this:
in your dev pc load up the editor, fully load every package and load every map so that you’re sure every shader is compiled. then go to UDKGame\Content and copy all shadercache files from there to your dedicated server. if that works just ship those files with your dedicated server.

PS. if you delete the LocalShaderCache ones before starting you’ll compile all shaders again, which will make sure you only have fresh compiled shaders (otherwise you’ll probably also have garbage that stacks up in the localshadercache during dev)

Okay, I’ll try that. Thanks… It’s not really the solution I was looking for but I guess shaders can’t compile without opening maps first.