Precision(BETA) Released on Google Play

Hey guys we are a team of two people me and my girlfriend and we made this simple but hard game called PRECISION.
Check it out if you can and if you have any issues post them here.
Also this is our first game ever :slight_smile:

You can also follow us on Facebook here Redirecting... for the latest updates!

Looks cool :slight_smile: congratulations

Nice! Love to see simple 2d games made with Unreal! =D Congrats!

Have you used other engines for 2D games before? How’s Unreal currently performing in that area in your opinion? Did you find many roadblocks during production?

Wish you the best!

P.S: Upload a video to your game page. It makes a HUGE difference.


I can make a trailer for you if you would like just email me and i’ll see what I can do!