Prebuilt assets in Unreal?

just a complete noob question - does Unreal come with a pre-defined set of assets, particularly trees and other vegetation?

We’re an architecture firm considering using it for real-time presentations. Our CAD software can create the buildings and landscaping without any issues, but we’d struggle to model any realistic natural elements.

Thanks for your time,

Unreal does give you access to the Kite Demo Assets … which should give you more than enough natural assets. Failing that you could purchase some assets from the Marketplace or use tools like SpeedTree or similar to generate the trees for you.

Beside the things on the marketplace you can also download some assets from this section of the forum (there you also find some vegetation assets): https://forums.unrealengine/forumdisplay.php?12-Community-Content-Tools-and-Tutorials

e.g (not the best meshes, but low poly) :slight_smile: