In my current project I need to render a matinee sequence to a video. Which is super simple from the editor. But I need to be able to do this from the final product. My clients will be entering information that changes the environments and then rendering the sequence out to a video to show later. This is instrumental to my companies use of this awesome tool for ArchViz.

In short. I would like blueprint access to whatever it is UE4 is using to render out movies.

Please let me know if there is something and I just missed it some how! Keep up the good work!

Not a real solution, but a workaround we use:
If you run a nvidia-setup, have a look into shadowplay. It’s a screen-grab, that captures directly from the framebuffer (thus in smooth framerate). Prepare a matinee camera track or whatever and trigger the shadowplay recording when you trigger the camera track (you can send system-commands from inside the engine). Doing this, you can capture videos from your runtime without the need for going inside matinee.

We did this for a couple of Viz-projects so far.

But yes…i’d welcome that feature as well

Interesting, I will try that out. Thanks for the heads up!

What command are you using to launch Shadowplay? I can’t find anything on it.

if you have a nvidia card it’s part of the nvidia geforce experience window.

Yea, I have that all set up. But I cannot find the system command that I would send from UE to start it recording.

Hi there.
We don’t really use a system command, as there isn’t any. Try using a command to trigger the keyboard-shortcut for ShadowPlay. Kinda hacky, but that should work. I am not entirely sure, as i haven’t been working on this in such detail. It’s just what i recall…
Hope that helps

Haha, Weird.

This is why we need access to this functionality.

Our team could really use this also. Using third party screen capturing software is very messy.

CKong has found an interesting work around capturing directly from DirectX Libraries.

Second. Would be a useful feature for recording video materials in-game and playing them back (like security footage etc, or simplified instant replays - something I’m toying with)

Im not sure if this feature has been addressed or implemented, but there are still those of us who would love to see it in engine. My group could really use a feature like this for our product as well