Pre-Persistent Level

Hello, i am wondering if there is a possibility to add a pre-persistent level who can use its own game mode?

  1. you start the game, then select a game to play,
  2. the server check if you already have a saved game, load your character if any or you can create a new one.
  3. the player character end in the persistent level with others.

But both levels are staying open at all time.


Several things can help with this:

Every level has a Game Mode Override. You can find it in the World Settings. So you can make several different game modes, which get loaded per-level.

So you can make a “start level” with a game mode that checks the server, finds the character, etc. That can be the default level in your project settings, so that it gets loaded first.

For loading the next level, you can use the Game Instance. It can load the different levels based on something that happens in the current level, and it stores data even when a level gets closed. So, your “start level” game mode can find the character info and other things you need, store it in a variable in the Game Instance, and and tell the game instance “now load the gameplay level with this character info”.

Next, you can load the “gameplay level”, which has a different game mode. It can ask the Game Instance “what is the character that needs to load?”, and read the variable that your “start level” set before.

I hope this helps.

Ok and if this is replicated it will still work?
I mean for safety of the client not being able to cheat on the server.

And since it’s replicated, both levels need to stay open or the client get disconnected.

Or can both levels “starter level” and “Gameplay level” could stay open at the same time ?