Pre made height maps set up for world composition?

Hi , i am just wondering if there are any pre made height maps that are already set up for world composition? So that they can be used with world composition?thanks

You could download real world heightmaps from e.g.

I think what he’s asking is if there’s any that are pre-cut into tiles.

Don’t know of any, but you can indeed get the map off terrainnparty and cut up tiles of your desired base size with Nip2

getting paint layers is a whole different story though.

Yea , i guess the heightmap would need to be cut into tiles , so that one would not literally have to sculpt and create the world tile by tile , but still be able to use world comp with it. Though couldn’t you just use a landscape material asset with one for the paint layers? Thanks for the Nip2 idea, i will look at it.