[Pre-fab Structures] Looking for Assistance!

Well let me start off by saying I’m a complete noob when it comes to modding or using the ARK Dev kit…for anything. Anyway, this is what I would like to accomplish:

A way to create structures through an in-game interface and save them as blueprints in your inventory. You would then be able to put the blueprint into the Smithy or another crafting station, along with the required number of walls, foundations, etc. Then craft and place the pre-fab structure where you would like. My goal for this is to take a lot of the hair pulling and frustration away from building that perfect structure, only to find halfway through that the terrain is somehow interfering with the completion.

Any assistance, direction or guidance on how and where I should start would be epic. Thanks all!

Great idea! I thought of this today as well. No idea how to do it though. Good luck!

I have also considered this for the Stark Wars mod. Would love to be able to craft Yoda’s hut in the swamp! :smiley:
Would require a lot of scripting I would imagine to get the game to create the structure for you.
What you could do is just make some new pre-fab meshes. IE: Large room, hallway, main hall etc. Each one takes x amount of walls, floors and roofs to make and when you craft it, you have a pre-built room you can place. That would require setting up new snap points on the pre-fab structure for doors, other rooms etc but should work. One issue I can see right away is that being a new 1 piece solid structure the damage would have to be worked out.