Pre cache Image Media Source

Hi, I have a MediaPlayer showing 100 images from an Image Media Source. With a UMG Slider the user can iterate through the images, like a movie. The problem is, if the user moves the slider too fast the MediaPlayer has to reload and stops for some time.
Is it possible to
pre cache all images
Thanks in advance.

The media sources themselves should have a “pre-cache” checkbox.

Some more info. Using EXR or PNG instead of JPG images reduces the problem; not decoding overhead. But still not satisfying.
I have modified the project settings: The 2GB Cache Size is enough to cache all images.

So how to tell Unreal to load all images to cache?

@wickerman123_Only the *File Media Source *has the pre-cache check box. Image Media Source not.

Ok, setting the Cache Size GB to a much higher value works better. Means 2GB PNG images on disk can be cached with 8GB Cache Size GB setting.
Further setting Cache Behind Percentage to 0 forces to cache as max possible on start.

Last thing to figure out when caching has finished? BP MediaPlayer.*isBuffering or MediaPlayer.isPreparing *are always false.Any idea how to do this with BP?

Blueprints have access to those same functions - however if they’re not working in C++ they may not be working in blueprint. I can’t test right now but I’d recommend testing and posting a bug report if needed.

I am not sure if these functions provide that what I am looking for. The *MediaPlayer *loads a source and starts with caching. I need to know when caching is done.
Like in the image below (which shows the time bar of the MediaPlayer): If I load a image source, the green line starts to fill the time bar. I need to know when the bar it is fully green. In other words, if caching is in progress or not.

I tested with the blueprint functions is Buffering and is Preparing. Seems both do not tell if caching is in progress.

Any idea how to get the state of the caching progress?

Very interested to see if anyone successfully pre-cached PNGs instead of MP4s?