Pre-2007 Kismet Documentation/Tutorials

My company is in a patent dispute and we believe Unreal Engine 3’s Kismet visual scripting language is prior art that invalidates the patent. However we need a printed or online publication from before September 2007 that documents how it works. Up to now the earliest online tutorials I have been able to find are from December 2007.

Might anyone have or know where we can find a soft or hard copy of a Kismet user manual from pre-September 2007, or might you know of an online tutorial that goes back before that on If it’s in hard-copy form, we’d be willing to buy it off you and pay for the shipping.


I’m sorry to say that while Kismet existed at that time, we do not have records of Kismet documentation at that time. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, but we didn’t maintain the records.