Hello everyone and Unreal devs. First of all I would like to say that I love unreal engine and your business model because yours is one of the rare companies these days that doesn’t develop purely for monetization purpose. And beside giving gamers real value for their money also giving indie devs a chance to make something totally amazing for free, which is just above all praise in this greed consumed world. When I grabbed the unreal engine about a year ago and used it for few days my mind was absolutely blown by the sheer power of the tools inside the engine and the limitless possibilities of it. The amount of work you put into making tutorials for people with no developing experience left me speechless, there are lots of companies making creative software like this but I don’t think I ever witnessed any of them paying even the third of attention you do, to people who don’t know how to use their software at first and would like to learn. It’s just… amazing :’) . Now to the suggestion , as someone with little developing experience, almost no budget but with big dreams and ideas and a big will to learn. What I found to halt the projects I started (Besides “biting off more than I can chew” and having a lousy workstation) is the lack of guide/tutorials for finalizing projects/games. Specifically monetization , multyplayer and hosting solutions. Now, I know anybody with enough willpower can make a very good singleplayer or even basic multyplayer game inside UE4 with whats out there and no budget. But the market is just sooo saturated with those kinds of games that the chance for getting something back for the time you put in is just miserable. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t want to make purely monetization based games like ubisoft,zynga and others. I am interested in the whats proven to be the most succesfull model of all in this day and age and I cant belive large developing companies don’t see this as well. Its the Riots games LOL model for a f2p game with microtransactions for purely aesthetic purchases which helped them absolutely destroy their MOBA competition few years back and still remains one of the most played games if not the most played one. Now I know this is a lot but I think you should start making tutorials for integrating multyplayer hosting solutions ( I have seen the mutlyplayer turtiorial for the arena based game on your YT channel and I do love it, but I hope you get what I am saying here) for games with potentially thousands of players and also very importantly microtransaction integration into the same games.

And I am not sure this is the right place to ask, but. I have an idea for a monetization model that I am 99% certain would be a fortune maker for the dev, if done decently, not even very well but decently. It would monetize the game for not only devs but the players too. How would someone with a small budget and not enough developing experience go around looking for partners/investors and protecting himself (or simply selling the idea). Because from what I’ve seen about this industry and similar creative industries if I was to present an idea like this to a company , I am 90% sure they would go around making it themself and cutting me off completely. And the clock is ticking , I wont say its an obvious idea but I definitely see something of the sort coming out as a major project in the next 5 years. And I am not talking about something that would be extremely hard to make and would require thousands of dollars and lots of people. It could be developed by 2 people with enough knowledge of making multyplayer games and a minimal budget.

Hey Imnewaftothis,

Thanks for the kind words and suggestion. To be clear, it seems like you’re primarily looking for more tutorials about building structured, large-scale, online games with focused explanations for monetezation implementation?

Yes! And I am certain I am not the only one. I’ve done a lot of research on the subject few months ago and I did find enough tutorials for making almost any kind of MMO (quests ,map ,characters and so on) to a point. Basically the best way for me to explain this is I want to see (again I’m 100% certain I’m not the only one) a tutorial to make something like the MMO Starter kit at least a barebones version of it, just a simple generic mmo game. That could have 200-500 people, character progression, a simple storyline, In game currency , shops, inventory and the easiest way to make the map in my opinion would be a small map but super small low poly characters, something were a hundred of them could run around comfortably. And a good in depth tutorial for hosting it and actually showing how one would go around doing it.

If you already have a project like that I would really like to know :slight_smile: