Practical question on minimum budget Virtual Production gear


Question: What would be the minimal gear I would need for Virtual Production.

What is the minimal space requirement? Understanding that distance shots are impossible with minimal space but lets assume full body shot could be filmed within this space.

As current assets, I have a high power PC, one studio light, a good quality camera stand, Samsung Galaxy S10 (if that is of any use) and several years of professional experience with developing with Unreal 4.

Your input is much appreciated.

In other words, what is the minimum camera quality-wise needed? I also probably need a green screen / canvas?

Do a search. There are plenty of youtube videos>
Space you need enough room for a green screen (B&H,Amazon have some that stand up as folded or simple drop-down backdrop.

Larger the room the better since you want to have your actor a few feet from the screen if possible (avoid shadows and green bounce).

You’ll like need 1-2 lights for greenscreen (2 or more ideal) and one or more for actor
If you want to match move on a budget Vive is your best option.

Cameras - you don’t have an LED screen so you have a bit more tolerance but you’ll want a video input device of some sort. It can be a card or simply an elgator adapter. Higher quality is better but you might get your feet wet with a simple rig.

A range of different rigs from old DSLR to high-end cameras.

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Thank you! Good overview of low budget setups!