[PR] Rename multiple actors with format string

When adding convert instanced static mesh to norml actors functionaility to InstanceTool plugin today, I would like to rename converted actors to relfect their purpse:


Unreal Editor already has the ability to reanme mulitple selected actors at once, but it’s limited:


So I added some format strings to make renaming easiler:

MultiRename_num.jpg 31923f17bf24953addc8cc69ba97de2ad8383253.jpeg 778b78adcc93e88ed62ea00abe838b676db0cf13.jpeg

List of implemented format strings:

  • %num% Add a ordered number
  • %_num% Add a ordered number with “_” prefixed
  • %label% Add existing label string
  • %level% Add level name of selected actor
  • %fname% Add FName of selected actor
  • %name% Add only name part of selected actor’s FName
  • %id% Add only number part of selected actor’s FName
  • %_id% Same as above but with “_” prefixed

Not sure if it’s useful to anyone else, or it’s too simple to be a solid pull request. What do you think?