PPI version not working - will not even start processing

Hi, just downloaded new PPI version to test & paid for ‘export credits’ - My Reality account now shows 2000 credits but also says ‘no licence’.  I went through the Activation instructions with no apparent errors.

I’ve downloaded current version & used ‘repair’ several times yet get same error using various sets of photos from previous high quality projects … also uninstalled/reinstalled & re-activated without errors

The ‘Input Licences’ tab simply connects to my windows explorer where I can’t find any licence files …

I am able to import photo folders into 1D view but processing simply will not start? The Align process bar says “Finished in 0 seconds” …

My understanding is that using this PPI version I should be able to simply process and work using the same workflows as I have been doing for a couple of years using the full licence and only use up the pre-paid credits on export?  Why is it not allowing me to Align and start the processing sequence?

A secondary question, once this is resolved : can I export, work on meshes externally and reimport/export under the same credits?



Hi, I found this part-post from last month which seems to have resolved the issue :slight_smile:



Hello Erika,

in the future, if the alignment process finishes after 0 seconds with no result, please try to check the Alignment settings if “Merge components only” is set to False. If it is set to True, the application can use only existing components and cannot add new images during alignment.


I will keep an eye on that - thanks Zuzana.